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F250 Pontoon Wakeboard Tower

F250 Pontoon Boat Wakeboard Tower
As the popularity of both wakeboarding and pontoon boats increases, it was only a matter of time before the two met. Unfortunately, the height of stock pontoon tow points are just too low for proper wakeboarding. The tow rope drags in the water and, most importantly, dramatically limits the amount of air that can be caught after popping off a wake. Finally, with the Aerial F250 Pontoon Tower, you can inexpensively upgrade your boat with an extremely solid and safe wake tower. It will absolutely add a new dynamic of entertainment for friends and family. Installation is easy for the average do-it-yourselfer taking just a few hours. Plus, you can expand the tower with space-saving racks for all types of boards and add incredible audio performance with Aerial tower speaker pods.

Aerial's unique goal is to deliver the same (or better) quality of OEM or custom but without the OEM or custom price tag. Although some have tried to copy our popular designs, they have also cut many corners that compromise quality, performance, longevity and safety. Make the right investment in your boat and your sport with Aerial Wakeboarding towers & accessories!

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Questions About the Pontoon Wakeboard Tower?
USA & International: (949) 407-5009
Pontoon wake Tower Features & benefits:
Finally! An Affordable Aftermarket Solution Giving the Proper Tow Height for Pontoon Boat Wakeboarding
Universal Design Fits Most Boats
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Quick & Simple DIY Installation
Easily Fold-Down for Storage
6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Generous 2.25 Diameter Tubing
3D Computer-Aided Design
Rigorous Quality Control
Best Welds in the Business
USCG Approved Tow Light
Superior Service & Support
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F250 Pontoon Wakeboard Tower Reviews:
AVERAGE RATING: 4.9 / Total Reviews: 36

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"I have looked for a long time for a tower specifically made for a pontoon boat. It took me and my wife a Saturday to install, following the instructions provided. It was a straight forward installation and it looks great. Took it to the lake and I could not ask for anything better.

I know a lot of folks don't think of a pontoon boat as something to ski/wakeboard behind, but with the wide platform and a boat which hits 40 mph, what else would anybody need. Awesome product and I foresee many more going out the doors."
Wakeboard Tower Review by
Ken McCarthy - Yucca Valley, CA

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"This was a great investment for my 24' pontoon, I can't say enough good things about it. Your customer service department was very helpful as well."
Wakeboard Tower Review by Adam Des Jarlais

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"The speaker enclosures look great. And the F250 pontoon tower completed my boat"
Wakeboard Tower Review by Andres Valencia - San Jose, CA

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wakeboard tower for pontoon boats
Aerial WakeWorks F250 Universal Folding Pontoon Boat Wakeboard Tower
List Price: $1,795.00
Our Price: $1,795.00


The First Aftermarket Wakeboard Towers for Any Pontoon Boat

For pontoon owners, it's all about having the "do it all" boat to entertain family and friends for a day out on the lake. Unfortunately, the hugely popular sport of wakeboarding is not properly supported on pontoon boats which have low elevation tow points or ski tows. Wakeboarding behind a pontoon boat is now possible! Aerial's WakeWorks F250 Pontoon Wakeboard Tower is the first aftermarket solution- it provides the correct height tow point (dual tow point), it's simple to install, features an innovative foot design, is made of premium materials and is very affordable. The F250 features a universal design with an adjustable width for an easy fit on almost any pontoon boat made in the past 15 years.

Optional accessories are available for added convenience and entertainment. Add a couple of racks to save space and securely store your wake boards, knee boards, wake surfboards and/or skis. You can also mount a full range of speakers overhead so everyone on the boat and in the water can enjoy crisp a clear music with full tonal range- not the distorted, scratchy or flat sounds found with some brands. Our carefully selected waterproof marine certified speakers are a popular upgrade to really bump up any sound system. All our offered speaker pods are easy to install, feature "clean" wiring that is fed through the speaker clamp's pre-drilled hole (no more loose, sloppy, dangling wires) and have no external or exposed speaker terminals (no more corrosion issues from exposure). Plus, almost any aftermarket wake tower upgrade using the common 'C' clamp can be mounted on the 2.25" frame (top H section diameter is 2.5").

If space is limited when you store your pontoon boat, you will appreciate how easy it is to fold the F250 pontoon tower. Use a standard Allen wrench to remove a couple bolts and fold the tower in half in just minutes. The F250 also has 2 integrated pop-up cleats for convenience and, for added safety, a US Coast Guard approved 360 degree tow light (nav lights required in some states) with a low power draw LED. 5 year warranty included.

F250 Pontoon Tower Customer Gallery - Click Here
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Wakeboard Tower for Moomba Boat
2001 Moomba Outback LS
with FreeRide Wakeboard Tower
wakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review star Rating: 5 Aerial Wakeboard Towers
Reviewed by Brandon Keehr
Excellent wakeboard tower construction, installed with 2 people in a day. Tower was quiet, and strong. Bimini was a great addition.
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Southern California, Aerial Wakeboarding Products is an original brand created by a team of water sport enthusiasts to develop a full line of high quality, innovative, great looking and affordable wakeboard towers, speakers, racks, speaker light bars, biminis, mirrors and other quality wake tower accessories.