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Ascent 2.0 Wakeboard Tower by Aerial Wakeboarding

ascent wakeboard tower by aerial ascent wake tower customer photos

The Ascent Wakeboard Tower has just been redesigned! Although our most affordable model has been improved with beefy structural and design upgrades, the price has not changed. The new Ascent 2.0 wake tower now features even better strength with the addition of a thick aluminum plate that has been welded to rear bend of each front leg. More than just tough looking, these large pieces act like an archtectural buttress by redistrbuting weight transfer and significantly reducing flex. The commitment to improving products has resulted in giving the Ascent 2.0 wakeboard tower ever more stability, rigidity and load handling strength required for pulling wakeboarders. With the addition of this functional design feature and the new 4 stylish polished aluminum Aerial logo nuts on the bottom of the top section, you will appreciate the great looking attention to detail and quality craftsmanship Aerial is known for.

Each Ascent 2.0 wakeboard tower is precision crafted using the best materials like resilient 2.25 inch diameter high tensile 6061 T5 aircraft aluminum tubing, are precisely shaped using expensive machining equipment manned by the best in the business, feature beautiful welds and easy to clean mirror finish resulting from hours of painstaking polishing. An optional high quality multi-layer black powder coated finish is available for no additional fee.

All wakeboard towers easily fold down to accomodate vertical clearance restrictions. All are backed by an awesome 5 year manufacturer warranty. All models feature an adjustable universal width that can fit almost any boat within a range of beam widths(Ascent fits 67-96Ē). Installation is very easy for the average do-it-yourselfer and takes 3-5 hours. Over 90% of our customers install the wakeboard tower themsleves using a basic set of tools. Check out our support page for links to downloadable installation guides.

Aerialís innovative mounting feet not only swivel during the install to accommodate any hullís surface, they also feature a superior one bolt mounting system for easier installation, greater strength and better foot-to-hull weight distribution. Most other wakeboard tower manufacturers use up to 4 bolts per mounting foot(16 total) to secure the tower to the fiberglass hull. By drilling several holes in a small area, the fiberglass becomes weaker which can lead to spider cracking and even breakage from repeated weight transfer from the wakeboarder to tower to mounting feet. Aerialís mounting feet use a single, much larger half inch all-thread bolt loaded in the center of each foot. When mounted and tightened down, Aerialís circular feet evenly distribute the weight transfer and greatly reduce the stress on your boatís fiberglass hull.

Further committed to safety on the water, Aerial Wakeboarding has partnered with Attwood to produce a wakeboard tower tow-point navigation light that is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. This compact, fully sealed white LED light is designed for pleasure craft up to 39.4 ft (12 meters) and draws only 1.8 watts at 12VDC - the lowest power draw of any 2 mile 360 degree light and is rated for 50,000+ hours of use with a 5 year warranty.

Whether you are a pro or just recreational rider, Aerial has a wake tower that is the right fit for you, your boat and your wallet. We only build what we would ride ourselves so you can trust our dedication to quality, performance and value. Aerial Wakeboard Towers and Accessories are a great investment for your boat, the sport you love and all the great times with friends and family!

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Ascent wakeboard Tower Features & benefits:
Universal Design Adjusts to Fit Boats with 67" to 97" Beam Width
2.0 Features Enhanced Rigidity and Strength for the Same Price
Classic, Original Head-Turning Style That Compliments any Boat Style
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Do-It-Yourself Installation in Just a Few Hours
Collapsable Wakeboard Tower
T6 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Thick 2.25Ē Diameter Tubing
Classic Style Compliments Any Boat Model on the Market
Best Welds in the Business
USCG Approved Tow Light
The Most Affordable High Quality Wake Tower on the Market
New 2014 Ascent 2.0 Wakeboard Tower Polished Finish
Just Redesigned!
Ascent 2.0 Wakeboard Tower is More Syley & Even Stronger!

View Ascent 2.0 Customer Installation Photos

Also available in powder coated black for no additional fee...
Ascent 2.0 Wakeboard Tower Painted Black
Ascent Wakeboard Towers:
AVERAGE RATING: ascent wakeboard tower customer review 4.8 / Total Reviews: 46

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"Awesome tower at a great price. My Ascent tower looks great and is a perfect addition to the boat."
Ascent Wakeboard Tower Review by Colin Kelley - Newcastle, WA

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"We installed the tower in just a few hours and it really dresses up the looks. We love rocking out with the speakers mounted on the tower while boarding! Who needs a new boat?!"
Ascent Wakeboard Tower Review by Clint Goolsbay - Arlington, TX

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"This tower transformed the way our boat looked! I love this tower and the speakers as well as everyone that has seen it! I couldn't have a boat without an Aerial Tower Attached Period!"
Ascent Wakeboard Tower Review by Tim Abel - Winston-Salem, NC

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"Tower looks sick, installed in 4 hours... done deal... awesome! Shreddin straight glass in no time."
Ascent Wakeboard Tower Review by Patrick Corrigan - Newport , NY

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"Almost all my accessories came from Aerial. From the tower to the mirror and racks. The tower speakers and lights are the final touch to the boat. All items are excellent quality and price is always concern in these economic times. At the top of my list for purchases, Aerial products were always the best deal for the money. My boat gets looks every time it's on the lake and I havenít had any problems with ANY of the components purchased. Keep up the good work."
Ascent Wakeboard Tower Review by Len Dorcas - Everett, WA

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"You guys make an AWESOME product, easy to install and looks great on my boat. We do a lot of hydrofoiling and wakeboarding and the tower preforms flawlessly."
Ascent Wakeboard Tower Review by Jeff Kurtz - Weston, WI

ascent wakeboard tower customer reviewRating: 5.0
"Love the tower it makes it like a new boat!! Top quality product!"
Ascent Wakeboard Tower Review by Shane Nichols - Weston, WI

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Dedicated to Performance, Quality & Value
All Aerial Wakeboarding products are expertly crafted using the best materials and components available, precisely constructed with hi-tech fabrication equipment and are beautifully engineered using the latest in 3D computer-aided software. The result is a full line of wakeboard towers and accessories that truly perform, can take a beating and dramatically transform any boat. Our innovative universal tower designs are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.

Aerial's unique goal is to deliver the same (or better) quality of OEM or custom but without the OEM or custom price tag. Although some have tried to copy our popular designs, they have also cut many corners that compromise quality, performance, longevity and safety. Make the right investment in your boat and your sport with Aerial Wakeboarding towers & accessories!

Have questions? Our team is ready to help you!
Toll free: (866) 998-0812 / local & international: (949) 916-0602
Tower Features & benefits:
Universal Design Fits Most Boats
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Quick & Simple DIY Installation
Highest Quality Materials
Beefy 2.25Ē Diameter Tubing
3D Computer-Aided Design
Rigorous Quality Control
Best Welds in the Business
USCG Approved Tow Light
Superior Service & Support
Aerial Wakeboard Tower Videos on YouTube:
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Southern California, Aerial Wakeboarding Products has designed and developed a popular line of industry-leading products including: Universal Wakeboard Towers, Speakers, Racks, Light and Light/Speaker Combo Bars, Tower Biminis, Mirrors and wide range of aftermarket wakeboarding and boat accessories. Aerial also proudly offers a successful and growing international network of authorized dealers and installers.

Ascent 2.0 Wakeboard Tower by Aerial - Fits Any Boat - Universal Fit Folding Frame Polished Aluminum
Aerial Ascent 2.0 Wakeboard Tower - Polished Aluminum
List Price: $1,099.95
Direct Price: $839.99


Best Selling Affordable Wakeboard Tower
Ascent 2.0 Wakeboard Tower by Aerial - Powder Coated Black
Aerial Ascent 2.0 Wakeboard Tower in Powder Coated Black
List Price: $1,099.95
Direct Price: $839.99

Best Selling Economy Wakeboarding Tower

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Wakeboard Towers by Aerial

Affordable aftermarket wakeboard towers and accessories by Aerial Wakeboarding Products
Wakeboard Tower on Tige Boat
1994 Tige 2002FLSM
with Assault Tower with Eclipse Bimini
wakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review star Rating: 5 Aerial Wakeboard Towers
Reviewed by Wesley Kammer on
I added the Assault Wakeboard Tower & Eclipse Bimini to my 1994 Tige... the lake party will never be the same!!! It can be difficult to modify older boats, but Aerial makes it easy with high quality products and easy application!
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Southern California, Aerial Wakeboarding Products is an original brand created by a team of water sport enthusiasts to develop a full line of high quality, innovative, great looking and affordable wakeboard towers, speakers, racks, speaker light bars, biminis, mirrors and other quality wake tower accessories.